Are you looking for ways in which your body can be transformed? Do you want to have that sexy gorgeous looking body that you see on models? There are several exercises that can be done and can help you in achieving this dream. These exercises will help to strengthen the body muscles as well as burning the extra calories that are unwanted. In addition to doing this exercise, it is important to have adequate sleep and eat in a healthy manner.


squatsThis exercise helps to burn extra calories, tone the gluteal muscles while strengthening the body. This exercise is very good as it works all parts of the body. Jump squats can also be done as they help to increase the expenditure of calories and raise the heart rate. One can also stay in a squat hold while holding dump bells in the palm of the hand as this increases resistance. Dong squats daily or regularly will help to transform the body and help in the prevention of diseases. Why not squat while taking a lunch break or while cooking dinner?


lungesThis exercise helps to tone the muscles in the legs and they are known to give amazing results. Lunges help to transform the body as each leg is worked on individually. Jump lounges can also be done to increase the intensity and add cardio. It is advisable to do lunge daily as they help to build, strengthen and sculpt varied muscles in the body. One can start by doing three sets of ten lunges daily in order to have good results.


swimmingThis is great news for those who love to swim as it will help to transform their body. Swimming helps to strengthen the core including varied muscles in the body. There are many health benefits that are experienced with swimming and they include decreasing the blood pressure, strengthening the heart muscles and improving ones aerobic capacity. Swimming helps to work the whole body and it is advisable to take part in it regularly.


runningThis exercise will help to transform the body as there is numerous health benefits associated with it. Running improves the overall health of an individual by burning extra calories, reducing the risk of depression, relieving stress and improving cardiac function. It also helps to transform the body by strengthening the legs while toning them and this makes them look thinner. This is one of the best exercises that can be done early in the morning or in the evening. In cases where one does not feel like running, one can take part in jogging. There is a great sense of accomplishment after running as it improves the general health of an individual.

Jumping rope

jumpropeThis is one of the portable and cheapest exercises that can be done anywhere. Most people consider jumping rope as a childhood game and they are not keen to do it. This exercise is known to burn more calories per minute as compared to other workouts. These exercises can be done with the children and therefore helps the whole family to stay in good shape. Jumping will help to strengthen varied muscles in the body as well as improving the cardiac function. This can easily be done at home and pone does not require going to the gym.

All of the bove exercises will aid in roviding a toned body. For those who wish to build muscles, you can also consider taking a supplement like this one: Amazon.com: BCAA Capsules, 450-Count – Diet Standards AminoHD 1000 (Branched Chain Amino Acid) Veggie Capsules, 2:1:1 Ratio, No Fillers or Additives!: Health & Personal Care


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Neat trick to help with insomnia

insomiaEver spend the night trying to fall asleep? Ever spend some time tossing and turning in bed angry at yourself for still being awake, counting your tasks for the next day instead of sheep to help you fall asleep?

Would you believe that there is a simple remedy for it?
Not a glass of warm milk, nor colorful pills, just a pure and simple trick.  All you have to do when having trouble falling a sleep is this: be sure that it’s warm enough in your bed and – pretend to be sleeping.  It’s not a joke, DO pretend to sleep. Sometimes it has to be clear what that actually means.

When you are sleeping your body is relaxed and moves on its own. So try to relax, loosen all your muscles and, this is essential, do not move. Or at least try not to. Some of the major mistakes are grabbing a book, switching on the TV or even worse getting on your computer, tablet, smartphone… By doing any of that, you are actually telling your body that it should stay in action. So ignore them altogether and PRETEND to sleep: lie down, in dark and TELL yourself that you are sleeping. Try not to move even if you’re having an itch. It might be that your body is still trying to stay in action and is poking you around.

When you finally manage to switch off your body, your mind will probably get into the fast lane. You could find it spinning around and counting hours you spend awake, tasks you have tomorrow, giving you all sorts of scenarios of “what might go wrong”.

Again, a simple remedy: pretend to sleep.  Your mind will catch up, just as your body. Maybe not at first: you might find yourself rushing through your thoughts, just to be woken up by your alarm clock. And that’s it. You have been WOKEN UP! You had been SLEEPING.

The next day may look a little fuzzy to you, so try to reduce your obligations and keep things simple. But if the problem still occurs next night and you do the same trick, you might find out that the amount of your thoughts is sizing down, leaving you more relaxed.  After some time you might find yourself able to fall asleep just as easily as a baby with no worries on this world.

This trick will work better if your body has learned to relax during a day. So it might come useful to learn some technique for relaxing and do it regularly. You can try to look up in your local community yoga, meditation, tai chi or something else, whatever suits to you the best. If you remind your body to feel relaxed during a day, it will be easier to recall it before you go to sleep.

So next time you feel too tense to sleep, help your body and mind, and play a pretending game.  Little by little, it will show its magic power.

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